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Listing application started

Inside, Zweicoin Wallet ( ) , Listing application started. Blockchain projects, looking for quickest tokenization and listing may apply.

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App tokens on Coinstats, can be Forged by Zweicoin within wallet

Coinstats is coin statistics site for Zweicoin Tokens and major cryptos. App tokens tokenized on Zweicoin platform can be received by Forge functions within Zweicoin Wallet. ( coinstats-forge.pdf Zweinote is system for real estate owners. 5 Tokens are now set to be received by forge from ZWC. Legal Token …

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Are regulators looking at property developers?

There’s something going on in the property development sector that no one wants to talk about. We all know that there is a massive glut of new units about to hit about our major capital cities and tighter lending criteria means that many of the would-be new owners won’t be …

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