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Live now: Cryptocurrency CEOs testify before U.S. Congress

Circle, FTX, Coinbase, and three more Executives speaks before U.S. Congress  at Reuter and other channels now.

talking about Stable Token, web3 and more


Watching this, thinking …  After 245 years since Lexington, the first ground up civilization building attempt , nurtured only this level of leaders in the same local continent, is kinda sad to know, proving how slow human can learn, and how fast founding fathers’ ideals lost, or forgotten, and how lazy human will become with centralized scheme with no competition. If no government system proposed better than the existing one, how can human evolve beyond this peaceful local Minkowski space coordinate? Maybe apes be stand up so that they can use hands to play around blockchain or program, to be able to at least image what intelligence is talking about not to mention thinking or building. What does crypto benefit by teaching legacy organization’s leader, when crypto can do better?



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