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Investment and Vacation Property Sales Steady

According to the National Association of Realtors 2011 Report regarding investment and vacation home sales during 2010, the report revealed that these sales were quite steady. Vacation homes sales represented 10% of all sales transactions during 2010, while investment sales presented 17%, unchanged from 2009. Statistics show that with tight credit conditions, a large …

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Why You Should Consider a Smaller Home

Bigger isn’t always better.Everyone’s heard this adage before, but never has it been more true than in this unemployment-prone, recession-era real estate market. Prior to the housing bubble bursting, many homeowners wanted sprawling estates and mini-mansions decked out with all the niceties of First World living. Now, however, in the age of 9.1% unemployment …

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Advantages of Older Homes

Are there any advantages to buying an older home like this one in Boston from 1900? An old house could be rundown, it could need repairs and it could have unforeseen problems. But there’s a reason why it’s made it more than 100 years. It’s well-made with expert craftsmanship. And it’s got …

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Natural Disasters and Disaster Insurance

Do you need insurance on your home if a natural disaster occurs? It depends. Where do you live? If you’re in Kansas and your area is prone to tornadoes, don’t worry. Your homeowner’s insurance (HOI) most likely covers damage caused by a tornado. If you’re in California, in an area …

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Tips for Building a Home

Many real estate developers purchase derelict houses for an unbelievably low price, knock it down, rebuild it and either flip or rent it. Although this can be incredibly profitable for some people, others may unearth problems during the building process which cause them to make a loss on their development project. If …

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Advantages of Newer Homes

Who doesn’t like something new? New things look good and come with fewer worries. You don’t have to worry about the treatment they got from previous owners, because you’re the first. This goes for new homes, too. Buying a newer home, there’s not as much to assess, it seems. That’s …

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