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CryptoDaijin Politics project in Japan

Cryoto Daijin project , a politics NFT project started in Japan.

“Crypodajin.com” is the politics lover’s community that uses 8-bit Dot Art and crypto technology. Anyone who is interested in politics can participate, regardless of age, sex, race, or experience enjoy communication, and have a unique popularity voting function Starting with the evaluation of successive prime ministers, votes that run in parallel with real elections will be posted at any time according to the social situation.
https://www.cryptodaijin.com “CryptoDajin.com” is a political community site that uses 8-bit Dot Art and crypto technology. Anyone who is interested in politics can participate, enjoy communication, and have a unique popularity voting function. Starting with the evaluation of successive ministers, votes that run in parallel with real elections will be posted at any time according to the social situation.In Japan today, the main voters in national elections are old people in their 60s and 70s. Looking at the turnout by generation in the lower house election four years ago, 33.85% in their 20s and 44.75% in their 30s, both less than half. On the other hand, 63.32 in their 60s and 60.94% in their 70s, which exceeds 60%, which is a big difference when combined with the population pyramid (both according to the statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications). It’s no wonder that candidates who want to win the election are clamoring for policies for generations who are retiring from the front lines of society and moving away from the waves of the new era. Isn’t the voice of the generation who is mainly responsible for tax payments, raising children, raising young people, and carrying the nation of Japan on their backs? Many people are dissatisfied with it, but because there are few supporters, the current situation is that young candidates who do not have a “3 van” are elected, and candidates who swear measures for the younger generation are not elected.
Therefore, in June 2021, ahead of the Olympic Games, volunteers from Japan and abroad who love Japanese politics launched the content “CrypoDajin” that re-questions the significance of being Japanese.

I want young people, child-rearing generations, and foreign nationals living in Japan who do not usually go to vote to vote mainly to realize “how the results will change”. At the same time as wishing that politics become a familiar topic as a daily topic for everyone, it is set up for the purpose of a positive exchange of opinions that conveys respect rather than complaints to existing politicians and politicians. increase.
In addition, the election posters used on the site use 8-bit pixel art and a gallery of crypto art. This time, Zweichain’s private chain, which is provided with Zweispace’s patents, is used for the crypto technology that supports the project teams inside and outside the country. We manage crypto art with the world’s most advanced and highest level technology using various applications of Zweispace, which are already used for real estate blockchain registration. (Details of the technology will be announced in a separate release) Although the

crypto is still not well known in Japan, the energy and distribution mechanism is fundamentally applied by applying the crypto technology, including the certification as legal tender by the president of El Salvador in the world. A paradigm shift to change has begun.

At the same time as the topic of politics, I entrust this site with a wish that crypto will spread to the world and be useful.



Zweichain’s OnChainArt technology has been unveiled. (A technology for recording art works on the blockchain, which is a different blockchain technology from

NFT refers to works stored on an external server unrelated to the blockchain, and is on the blockchain. It is a technology that makes it possible to send and receive tokens by generating tokens, and although standards have existed for several years, there are still many issues at the same time. On the other hand, the on-chain art adopted by Zweichain is a digital art work itself recorded on the blockchain. The technology was released to the marketplace OpenSea such as crypto art on the Internet.

Reference: Overview of on-chain art management methods in Zweichain (Reference: https://zweichain.zweicoin.com )

First, RegisterKnight Register Night ( http: //about.registerknight.com ), an application that mainly uses Zweichain’s private chains.  On-chain art is registered using the registration system of it ).  You can search by private chain search

of eee0003 ( http://www.eee0003.com ) in Explorer . (Login required) Login  can be registered within Zweicoin Wallet ( https://wallet.zweicoin.com )

The work is also registered in the Zweicoin Wallet system in another way.

You can check the status on Zweicoin Wallet account holders, private, membership marketplaces.
On the public internet, the work is listed at the Crypto Daijin shop. It is posted in a public gallery with a large audience. (Currently OpenSea: https://opensea.io/assets/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/56497968449964661186590407393736079828574438983435864571304578378697101279233 )

Registration information is written in the details of the listing, [Chain Name, Address, Date, eee0003 code]

<Example of Crypto Daijin’s work>
Original [Name of the Chain: Zweichain Private Chain, Date: 2021-06-14 10:45:39,
On Chain Address: “0xb3f7d4fc8e3d896504619c792ef106d223b5adc8394555e43b10b6eb6dc5b4dd”]

Buyers (exchangers) receive ownership and usage rights by sending coins using Zweicoin Wallet. At that time, you can also use Wallet’s ancillary function, the escrow system.


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