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The Wicked Craniums the properties matter

Wicked Craniums are the pictorial representation of the 10,762 Craniums that belong to the island of Osseous (they have over 180 differentiable characteristics), they live on the Ethereum Blockchain in the form of an NFT. We dropped on Sunday 20th June and sold out in 32 minutes! If you want …

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CryptoDaijin Politics project in Japan

Cryoto Daijin project , a politics NFT project started in Japan. “Crypodajin.com” is the politics lover’s community that uses 8-bit Dot Art and crypto technology. Anyone who is interested in politics can participate, regardless of age, sex, race, or experience enjoy communication, and have a unique popularity voting function Starting …

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BentoDao.com a Bento Box project, artists helping restaurants

BentoDao.com is a Bento Box project, artists helping restaurants. BentoDao.com is a blockchain NFT project DAO, helping restaurants and locals suffering from COVID-19, with emerging young blockchain artists and blockchain engineers.    BentoDao or BentoBox is a project inspired by RarePizza Project the first clubhouse generated blockchain art project for the …

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