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Why commercial property investors should think mid to long-term

In the world of commercial property investment, the “Magpie Syndrome” – chasing all that shines, in the hope of it changing your life – is something that I have seen do more damage than serve. When a certain venture or opportunity doesn’t immediately result in vast amounts of wealth, some …

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Should you buy a property with Bitcoin?

You’ve probably already heard of the term ‘Bitcoin’ or ‘cryptocurrency’ & it’s been mainstream talk of the town, the value of many of them has also risen several thousand % over the last couple of years. The digital currencies that are receiving the most attention are Bitcoin, Ehtereum and Litecoin. …

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The ins and outs of Joint Ventures in property investing

If you think investing in property is beyond your reach, then it might be time to think about joint ventures. Picture yourself in this scenario… you’re now in your 50s, your kids are all grown up and left home. You see them battling out there in the jungle and you …

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