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Linance exchange, started accepting Zweicoin deposit (ZWC)

Linance exchange, started to accept Zweicoin deposit. API connect to  Zweicoin Wallet ( Zweicoin is app utility and JPY stable token. In Linance exchange, Zweicoin(ZWC)  can now be received in exchange for major stable coins like USDT, and BTC, BSV as well. On the other hand, existing Zweicoin holders, using …

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Linance anounced introducing Zweispace, Zweicoin (ZWC)

New site: Linance anouced the introduction of Zweispace , listing Zweicoin (ZWC) and major crypto pairs. ZWC is utility token , traded around JPY.   Linance, based in Melbourne, Australia, is ready to launch crypto exchange in APAC region starting from Australia with its licensed partners, with enhanced capabilities in …

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Listing application started

Inside, Zweicoin Wallet ( ) , Listing application started. Blockchain projects, looking for quickest tokenization and listing may apply.

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